Immanuel is a church in the reformed heritage and legacy. A rich legacy at that. Don’t let that scare you. We are friendly, warm, and loving. God is near. He has come in the person of Jesus Christ who is God’s Son.

The cross and resurrection (rising from the dead) of Jesus Christ are the centerpieces of history and should be or can be the center pieces of our life. They have transformed time and history and they can transform your life.

Everyone needs good news. Here is God’s great good news of love, forgiveness, restoration, new life, power, and a clean slate. In fact, it is more than a clean slate. It means a perfect record before the holy face of God. Yes, the cross of Jesus Christ demonstrates the incredible breadth and depth of the Father’s love!
At Immanuel Church you will regularly hear about these pivotal events. As we study the Bible on a weekly basis we are brought face to face with our sin and rebellion against God as well as the hope-filled realities of his cross and resurrection.

Are you looking for a new start? Do you seek to undo the past? Would you like an incredible future? Here is an opportunity to hear from God and discover God’s book, the Bible. Do you wish to find a place of incredible love? Are you looking for a place “where God is near”?

Immanuel Church is that kind of place. You are warmly invited to join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:15 am.

Immanuel is . . .


You are made for God. You are made to glorify or honor God and enjoy Him. Immanuel is a place that focuses on how we have failed to honor God, on how that great problem can be solved, and how you can again live with the goal of adoring and honoring Him. To live for anything less than God is to defeat the Creator’s design and to miss out on our greatest happiness.


God knows what is best for us. Immanuel aims to be a place that is both formed and informed by His word, The Bible. The Lord has left you with His message and Immanuel seeks to focus on what God has to say.


You have a home at Immanuel. A place where you will be loved, appreciated, and warmly received. A place where you will be valued.


Immanuel Church is by God’s grace, a community of loving, humble, patient, generous, devoted, and sacrificial servants of the Lord who demonstrate authentic Christianity to a watching world and who faithfully reach out with the gospel while obediently nurturing her own. Immanuel aims to be a church that is Scriptural, God-centered and consciously Reformed & Presbyterian in its doctrine, government, worship, and outreach and aims to declare God’s glory faithfully and energetically to its community and the world.

We are proudly affiliated with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). The OPC is a connected group of churches that provide support and accountability for the local churches, pastors, and elders. The OPC has been faithfully proclaiming the gospel of God’s grace since 1936. By God’s grace, the OPC is known for its work in Foreign and Home Missions even though it is a smaller denomination. Immanuel Church is also connected with its sponsoring congregation: Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Hammond, WI. We give thanks to the Lord for their support, oversight, and encouragement.